Villa Marina

Helping a seaside residence increase their seasonal traffic.
Villa Marina


Making your seaside residence visible and accessible to potential visitors is a challenge common in the tourism industry. Your own personal site, accompanied with an internal reservation system helps you generate organic traffic, save money on other reservation providers that charge a fee, and overall presents your residence as a place that cares about branding, recognition, class, and most importantly - your customers.

Villa Marina recognized the importance of an online representation for their available apartments and residences, and in partnering with us on this project, managed to increase their seasonal traffic, save money on fees and create more personalized relationships with their returning customers.
Villa Marina

Our Service

Using our experience in progressive web design, we created a place that highlights all important information guests are looking for when choosing their summer vacation spot. We made it easy for them to explore the catalogue of apartments, available activities in the host town as well as all details and specifics about their stay so they can feel confident in their choice, making them more likely to return. Villa Marina

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