The Hub of Fine Arts

Digitally managing a $200M art collection.
The Hub of Fine Arts


The Hub of Fine Arts is a unique intersection of modernist stylistic expression and the greatest artists of the first half of the twentieth century. More than 100 exhibits offer excellent insight into the constants and revolutionary aspects of these artworks, revealing all the uniqueness of an age and this potential is the reference point for the creation of a museum exhibit concept.

Our goal was to fully understand the original style The Hub of Fine Arts provides their visitors with, and use that knowledge to create the perfect online representation of their collection and services.
The Hub of Fine Arts

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The final result is far more than a place to find information about the gallery, but rather an interactive experience with 20+ subpages of original functionalities. The works of art inside the gallery are accompanied by a QR code which leads to the website, offering additional artwork information, descriptions and even voiceovers in 5+ different languages. Around such a collection, many creative ideas have been given an opportunity to shine, such as the artistic timeline section, artist catalogue, provenance database and more! The Hub of Fine Arts

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